How to add Apps to your Facebook Page

Promotion and marketing can often be the most difficult part of being an author. Writing the book takes six months of the year, but marketing takes a lifetime!

The next installment of ‘From Feet to Fiction’ has just been released and will be FREE for the following five days – starting tomorrow! Again, I have collaborated with E L Jansen who has collated the information from authors around the world, seeking advice on different aspects of writing. As well as the popular Q&A section, there are also two exclusive articles that I have written including 10 Ways to Give Your Book Away, and 3 Facebook Fan Page Changes Every Author Should Make.

81mnM7uGUEL._SL1500_Here’s a summary of this months contents:

Q&A session with Tim Flanagan

How to give your book away

  • 10 ways you can give your book away for marketing and promotional purposes that result in sales.

3 Facebook Fan Page Changes Every Author Should Make

  • How to optimize your Facebook Page
  • Changing your Cover Image
  • Using Apps on your page

Download it as soon as it goes FREE

If you have any burning questions you would like answered that may also be featured in future issues of From Feet to Fiction, just send them to


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