Superhumans – Evolution in the Making

More “superhumans” – these guys amaze me. We think we’re all the same but there’s always someone who’s “different” and it just goes to show what potential our bodies actually have. Just like the students in The New Savants. Evolution is the way in which an organism changes to ensure a greater chance of survival.… Read More

Superhumans – Metamorphoses That Take Humanity to a Higher Level

The New Savants are a group of young people who have enhanced abilities to use their mind, greater than an average Human Being. But, do such people truly exist. Here’s some fascinating research that might suggest that Superhumans are among us. As the internet expands, the knowledge about those with special abilities grows alongside it.… Read More

Fairies – Supernatural Friends or Foes?

Legends surrounding fairies have been passed down by written, and verbal means, for thousands of years. The term is now used to describe supernatural beings that perform specific tasks. In each society, other names have been used for fairies, such as the moira in Ancient Greece and the fata in Ancient Rome. These beings were… Read More

Non-Human Spies – Animals used in Espionage

Spys come in all shapes and sizes (and not just unsuspecting teenagers – Sam Trowel!) Here’s an amusing look at some of the brave animals that have been used in the name of espionage. The training of animals to be used in military intelligence dates as far back as ancient Greece. This continues in modern… Read More