Underground Dwellers – Life Below the Surface

When most people think of home they imagine walking through the front door at ground level, or entering a high rise apartment building. Unknown to many, there are others that take a journey leading down, before they are greeted by the familiar sight of home. These people live in different parts of the world and… Read More

Harry Potter – Events that Occur 19 Years Later

The Harry Potter series ends with Albus Potter, Harry’s second son, beginning school 19 years after Voldemort is defeated. The date that the next generation returns to classes is September 1, 2017, and in a unique merger of fantasy and reality, fans gathered at Kings Cross Station to countdown their departure. The majority of the… Read More

The Comedy Detective – A Hilarious Side to Solving A Mystery

In addition to solving cases, detectives are required to treat colleagues with respect and victims with empathy. This leads us to believe that they are always witty, competent, assertive and even dangerous when it becomes necessary. This may be the reason why the inept, incompetent, often accident prone comedy detective is such a revered character.… Read More

Bad Bacteria – Microscopic Organisms that can be Harmful to our Health

In The Moon Stealer books the threat to the human race comes in the form of a foreign bacteria – but how much of a genuine threat is bacteria to human health? Bacteria are one of the most prevalent species on the planet, and scientists believe that there are about a trillion species. Fortunately, most… Read More