WIN a Bleeding Bookmark!

Mark your page in blood… Bookmarks have always been one of the most commonly used pieces of merchandise for authors, but I bet you haven’t seen one quite like this before! They are made from flexible liquid plastic to look like blood running down the side of the book – perfect to use with my… Read More

Writing Guide is another Number 1 Bestseller

Here’s the official press release from the premier PR company in the book world, Novel Ideas. I’m pleased to confirm that the second book in the “From Feet to Fiction” series has been another huge success. This time it contained original articles which I wrote for indie authors looking for ways to promote their books, including… Read More

14 Free Ideas for Facebook Contests, and much more…

Promotion and marketing can often be the most difficult part of being an author. Writing the book takes six months of the year, but marketing takes a lifetime! So, if you want some help and ideas, this FREE book is worth a look. This is the second Kindle Short in the Feet to Fiction series.… Read More

Merchandise and Branding

As an author, why would you use merchandise or swag? Merchandise are incentives that can serve to put your book or name in front of potential readers as well as keeping it in the mind of existing readers. But there are many other functions merchandise can have, including: Incentives at a launch party Added bonus for… Read More