River Thames – The History of London’s Central Waterbody

Extending over 215 miles, The River Thames is the second longest in the United Kingdom and has played a major role in the development of London. It has been used as an economic resource, a transportation route, a source of food and fresh water and, in recent times, an entertainment venue. The evidence of humans… Read More

Rebranding Lawrence Pinkley

Some of you will already be aware of the humorous adventures of teen detective Lawrence Pinkley. This year it’s been subject to a rebranding to make it more appealing and interactive to children aged 8-12. Dylan Gibson, the original artist, has worked on a whole new set of exciting illustrations that litter the text. Puzzles and… Read More

DIY – Essential Gadgets for the Modern Spy

Most spies are taught to make their own gadgets before being sent out into the field. This might be the difference between catching a target and becoming one. Many of them can be   quick and easy to make, and others are more complicated and require tons of practice. One of the key requirements of being… Read More