Underground Dwellers – Life Below the Surface

When most people think of home they imagine walking through the front door at ground level, or entering a high rise apartment building. Unknown to many, there are others that take a journey leading down, before they are greeted by the familiar sight of home. These people live in different parts of the world and… Read More

The Elizabeth Line – Expanding the London Underground

The secret world of the Savants is based in an abandoned Ghost station on the London Underground. So, it’s fascinating to see the progress of a new line being added to an ancient network of tunnels. It’s called The Elizabeth line and new stations, tracks and tunnels are being constructed right beneath the feet of… Read More

Brompton Road Station – A Ghost in the London Underground System

The London Underground has been carefully thought out, constructed and maintained over the years that it has been a part of the city’s history. Even though most of the stations on the London underground have all been located in places of heavy traffic, there are a few that have been erected and very rarely used.… Read More