River Thames – The History of London’s Central Waterbody

Extending over 215 miles, The River Thames is the second longest in the United Kingdom and has played a major role in the development of London. It has been used as an economic resource, a transportation route, a source of food and fresh water and, in recent times, an entertainment venue. The evidence of humans… Read More

The Elizabeth Line – Expanding the London Underground

The secret world of the Savants is based in an abandoned Ghost station on the London Underground. So, it’s fascinating to see the progress of a new line being added to an ancient network of tunnels. It’s called The Elizabeth line and new stations, tracks and tunnels are being constructed right beneath the feet of… Read More

The Bank of England – Interesting History and Architecture

In The Moon Stealers and the Everlasting Night a band of survivors have relocated themselves inside The Bank of England. I chose this as a location purely from the security point of view. The survivors needed somewhere they could be safe while they organised themselves before moving to try and build a new community that… Read More

MI6 London Headquarters – Vauxhall Cross

In the Moon Stealer series, one of the locations I use is the iconic MI6 building on the edge of the Thames in London. I try to use real life locations in my books and this is certainly an unusual and imposing building to include in a story! The headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence… Read More