Philip Marlowe – Typical Hardboiled Detective

Today’s post is about Raymond Chandler’s detective Philip Marlowe. In a lot of ways the stereotypical detective was a big influence in my character Lawrence Pinkley, but, far from being “hardboiled”, Pinkley is the complete opposite. Two sides of the same card. And that gives the opportunity for humour to come from “larger than life” criminals,… Read More

Inspiring Children

Sometimes you get an email that genuinely touches you and makes you realise that real people are reading your books and you are having a positive effect on their lives. The following email was sent to me from one of my Priority Readers, a group of people who enjoy my books and get them free… Read More

12 Rules to be a Fictional Detective

I have some new Lawrence Pinkley mysteries coming out next year, so I thought I’d take a quick look at some of the rules for writing a fictional detective. 1. The detective must always be memorable. Whether he (or she) is funny, misguided, inept or super intelligent, these traits have to endear the detective to… Read More